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DL580 G5 no post with pcie card installed

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DL580 G5 no post with pcie card installed



I have a need for graphic card with a bit more performance on my old DL580 G5 than integrated ATI ES1000 can provide.

The problem is, that machine wont boot, even more it would not even post if I install a graphic card into pcie slot. So far I tried with nvidia 8800GTS, GT 740 and ati HD5970.

Result is the same with each of them- small green light turns on besides pci-e port used and machine just hangs after power-on and does nothing.

If somebody coudl explain me what I am missing, I'd be very greatfull. If any other informatons are needed, please say, I'll provide them as soon as possible.


Thank you in advance



Re: DL580 G5 no post with pcie card installed

Im going to take a guess here, but here are a few questions

1. Are the cards confirmed to work, like were they pulled from a working computer beforehand? 

2. On the radeon did you plug in the PCIe plug?

3. Do any other cards need 6/8 pin power and are they plugged in (you will need an external PSU and short 2 pins on the the 24 pin connector)?

If yes to all, im thinking its either the power supply isnt enough to power it through the PCIe lane and the only way to solve that is through a powered riser.

Hope this helps, good luck! :D

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Re: DL580 G5 no post with pcie card installed

Many thanks for your reply.


1) Yes, all 3 cards have been tested in other machine, where they work as suposed.

2) on both, hd5970 and gts8800 pcie power cable(s) were plugged in- from external PSU, as well as power cords from MB were cut on riser and power was provided from the same PSU as in case of pcie power cables.

3) pins did not had to be shorted- only in case of x1-> x16 riser. In case of x16 -> x16 it works without shorting them.


Also, some improvement: I mannaged to get GTS8800 working, GT740 however still has the same problem. I would like to make GT740 work, as it does not need pcie power cable...

I made a bit of research and am a bit confused- could the source of the problem be pci-e version of GT740?


Re: DL580 G5 no post with pcie card installed

Sorry for the late reply, new to the forums and couldn't find how to get back here lol. Anyways, you have to turn on the external PSU first by shorting out these pins Link To Picture and flipping the switch to turn it on, once the fan starts to spin then you turn on the server. Also, I think the server cant handle the power draw through the pcie lane, my G7 server is 16x mechanically and 8x electrically ( I think thats what that means at least :/ ). I am also running 2 6950s on it so yeah. Good luck! :D