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DL580 G5 server hangs during boot

EVA4000 error
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DL580 G5 server hangs during boot

HP proliant DL580 G5 server is installed with 8GB total memory (2gbx4)with windows 2003 32bit. boot.ini is configured with /3g & /pae switches.
after as the application is memory intensive we installed 1gb x8 modules to make it total 16gb of memory. POST is successful shows 16gb total memory with no any errors but during boot from windows 2003-32 bit system gives error " The local stored profile could not be loaded, the profile might be corrupted or you don’t have sufficient permission" The display is also not proper or sometimes it gives" the application failed to initialise properly 0XC0000142. Click OK to terminate.

Martin Hartmann
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Re: DL580 G5 server hangs during boot


I have the same problem that you discribed but on a DL380 5G with 20GB of memory. When I change the boot.ini to use the 3G option the system hangs and comes with the same error message than you discribe. Dit you solve the problem already?