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DL580 G6 doesn't recognize the memory I just inserted

Vague Assumption
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DL580 G6 doesn't recognize the memory I just inserted

Following the formula I've used before, when I added two 4GB DIMM's to a DL380G6, I populated the white slots first.   I took the machine from 2x4 GB, to 4 x 4GB.  I allocated one new DIMM to each of the processors.  

What I got suprised me:  the machine doesn't even report new memory as being inserted.  The new memory doesn't keep the machine from booting, or even throw a beep code.

Before I made the insertion, I read in the user guide that memory needs to be inserted in order, from slots A to I (for each processor, I guess):  two procesors, nine slots for each.   So:  does that mean, in order to run 8GB worth of memory, that I should insert the new DIMM right next to the original DIMM?  Should it appear, then, in slots A and B, and should I just leave the other slots empty?

I searched the motherboard carefully, but I didn't see any letter labels on the slots.   If I stand behind the machine and look forward, from back to front, is slot A the one farthest to the left for each processor?

Thanks in Advance.