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DL580 G7 - Long poweron cycles

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DL580 G7 - Long poweron cycles

Hey there,


My company and I are trying to isolate why and figure out a solution to an issue with our G7's. Historically we have used DL580 G5's with success but have run into a common issue between all our G7's. When we power on (or reboot) one of these servers we experience a very long boot cycle. Typically with our G5's it would take from 2-4minutes from power on to reach the bios splash screen. With the G7's we are experiencing 15-20minutes from power on to a splash screen.


Current configs of our G7's range from 128gb to 256gb of ram and don’t seem to vary much in boot times. Currently I can’t post what version of the system ROM these are using but having said that, I don't see anything in the Rev notes for system ROM's about addressing this issue.


Lastly, A former co-worker for another DC just got their new DL 580 G7's in with larger amounts of ram then we use and said he was only experiencing 5-8 minute boot times.


Thoughts on what could be causing this?


Thanks in advance for any advice provided.