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DL580 G7 - adding memory modules

Peter Mueller_3
Occasional Contributor

DL580 G7 - adding memory modules



I want to add memory modules to our server and I tried the configurator but that is a frustrating tool.

So I try to ask here.

Our server has 4 Xeon CPUs and 8 memory cartridges. Each cartridge holds 4 DIMMs of 2 GB each.

That makes it a total of 32x 2 GB=64 GB. 32 DIMM slots are still empty.

I want to add 32x 8GB but our HP sales consultant wants to sell 16x 16 GB instead.

The amount of memory is the same but the price for the 16 GB DIMMs is much higher.


The question is: if I order the 32x 8 GB, is the server still configured in an optimal way for the HP hemisphere mode (optimal mode, improved mode, even another mode? ....)


Thanks for your replies




Re: DL580 G7 - adding memory modules



Regarding the hemisphere mode, refer to this doc.


To utilize Hemisphere mode, the system processors must have identical DIMM populations behind both of their
memory controllers. To enable each processor to enter the Hemisphere mode, you must install and populate both
DIMM memory cartridges with identical memory capacities based on the DIMM installation guidelines.

Hemisphere mode produces the best overall performance for many applications. You can disable Hemisphere mode
if it produces lower performance for a particular application (for example, an RBSU option).


You can obtain better performance when populating all cartridges with either four or eight dual- or quad-rank
DIMMs. (The server does not support memory mirroring when it enables Hemisphere mode.)



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