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DL580 Internal Storage System Overheating

Angela Ficca
Occasional Contributor

DL580 Internal Storage System Overheating

We have a DL580 server (not G2) that has been reporting literally hundreds of messages through Insight Manager about the Internal Storage System overheating. The current temperature of any of the components has not exceeded 41C. Each message references Slot 0 Zone 1. I have been unable to locate this slot or zone. I have included the text of the messages here. I have seen a few threads on this issue in the past; but, no solutions. The SSP is at 6.40a. Some of the firmware is out of date; however, in one of those earlier threads, another person mentioned having the latest firmware and still saw this problem. Has anyone else seen a similar issue to this and been able to resolve it?
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: DL580 Internal Storage System Overheating


Have you cheked for system fan condition are these fans working. What about Front Panel LEDs ( 3rd one (extreme right) for fan .
If it is :
Green All fans operational
Amber (flashing) One or more fans have failed -- check fan LED indicators

Other Solution:

1. Update firmware on controller
2. Update driver for controller
3. Update the Drive Array Notification
4. Plug Smart Array Controller in another PCI slot

Prashant S.

Nothing is impossible
Honored Contributor

Re: DL580 Internal Storage System Overheating

Hi Angela,

The dual fan assembly behind the disk drive enclosure should be keeping the disks cool however you normally get an amber flashing led on the server front panel if one of the hot-plug fans has failed. It is also possible that you have a single rogue disk drive which is overheating within the enclosure. If your system is still on warranty I would suggest getting this investigated and at least get the hot-plug fan assembly behind the drives changed. This is Compaq spare part number 177903-001.

See attached image for the location of this fan assembly, which sits behind the disk drive cage and in front of the CPU area.

You may also be able to determine any temperture problems with the SCSI disk drive backplane by using the Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU) and looking at the SCSI BUS entries, particularly the entries against "Fan Alert Count" and "Temperature Status" as these would normally have values of zero.

ADU version 1.90 for NT/2000 can be downloaded from the follwing link.

I hope this helps.