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DL580 Internal storage capacity


DL580 Internal storage capacity


I am looking for this information.

1. what is the maximun number of internal hardisks that DL580 can support? is it 16?

2. What can be the max capacity of these harddisks? can it be 750 GB? spec page says only 250 GB(16 * 250 SATA).

3.Can a P400 Smart array controller that comes with DL580 can support 16 drives? if so will it affect performance. Does it make sense to have 2 P400 controller each controlling 8 drives?

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Re: DL580 Internal storage capacity


1.yes up to 16 HDDs as it says in quickspecs

"Support for up to 16 hot plug SFF SAS drives"
no more no less

2. remeber those are SFF(2.5#) I really don't know if there 750GB SATA SFF... don't know well at least not HP


of course there is up to 750 SATA HDDs but they are either not hot plu or LFF(3.5")

3. No, if you want to take advantage of all 16 HDDs you need 2 controllers not even p800 will support the 16 HDDs

that's because of the server design

"Internal SAS backplane supports up to eight SFF hard disk drives.
Optional second SAS backplane supports additional eight SFF hard drives."

from specs also

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