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DL580 NIC problems

Brendan Lynch_1
Occasional Advisor

DL580 NIC problems

We have just built two identical DL580 G2 servers with Win 2003.
One of them is fine & the NIC's are running at 1GB each.
The second box is having problems and the NIC's are only running at 100MB, I have ruled out the switch & cables as ive plugged them in to the same ports as the server that is running correctly & have also changed all the cables out.
I have upgraded the firmware & drivers on everything & have even changed the 7770 cards out but still no avail.
The only thing I can think of is that the motherboard may be faulty.
Any help would be appreciated.
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL580 NIC problems


Please try the following infomraiton :

Windows Server 2003
Smart Component CP003901
HP ProLiant NC10xx/NC67xx/NC77xx Gigabit Ethernet NIC Driver for Windows Server 2003 Version

Smart Component CP003898
HP ProLiant Network Configuration Utility 7 for Windows Server 2003 Version

And still problem presist run the daignostic son the ssame.

Compaq Fast Ethernet & Gigabit NIC Diagnostics and Documentation Version 7.20 Rev. A:
For more information, refer to the SoftPaq readme file located at the following URL:
Note: The NCDE contains the NIC drivers for all supported operating systems for ProLiant servers, NC-series, Netflex, and Netelligent NICs.

Prashant S.
Brendan Lynch_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: DL580 NIC problems

Hi Just ran the first update, applied it, rebooted the box & whenit runs through the BIOS versions it gets just past the two HP Ethernet Boot agent V3.2.2.
Then I get the following message
602 - Diskette Boot Record Error
The box the hangs on that message ?
Honored Contributor

Re: DL580 NIC problems

602 - Diskette Boot Record Error means there was a non bootable diskette left in the floppy drive or that the diskette could not be booted from.

Hope this helps! -john
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