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DL580 Processors

Bruce Gilbert_2
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DL580 Processors

We just had a DL580 shipped in from one of our remote offices.

The server has essentially been scavanged as there are no CPUs, memory or drives. I've added memory and drives. I've also added 4 PIII 900mhz Xeons from a non-Compaq server and I can't get the server to post or even display a video-signal.

I've tried an add-in video card as well as a Remote Insight board and still no love. I also cleared the configuration and that too was no help.

There are no beeps at power-up to indicate a problem, so I am beginning to think the DL580 won't take non-Compaq specific processors.

Any suggestions?
Honored Contributor

Re: DL580 Processors

Intel Pentium III processors of 850-MHz frequency and higher feature
internally locked switch settings that override the processor configuration
switch (SW4) on your system board. When installing an 850-MHz or higher
processor, you need not change any switch settings on the processor
configuration switch (SW4).

Your 3rd party processors may not be keyed internally to what the server needs.
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