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DL580 Raid Migration

Todd Hayward_1
Occasional Advisor

DL580 Raid Migration


Our deployment group misread the config document, and balled up the array config. Well, the machine is in production now, and our customer does not want the machine rebuilt, if at all possible.

Config: 2 x 36G R0, 1 36G logical drive.
The customer wanted 1 36G logical drive, on 1 36G physical drive. (I know, I was appalled as well)

I migrated the array from a stripe to a mirror. I did this online so there was no impact to the application. I can then remove 1 of the 2 36G drives, but the mirror is broken, and the controller and insight agents are not at all happy about it.

Is there a way to remove 1 disk, and convert the mirror to a single drive stripe R0 ?

Thanks for all assistance.
Trusted Contributor

Re: DL580 Raid Migration

I think you are looking at a rebuild unless you have any imaging software. But I would try a serious discussion with your customer to explain the benefits of hardware RAID.
Todd Hayward_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: DL580 Raid Migration

uhm, we are using hardware raid. The 580 only had 4 internal bays, and they want 1 drive for the boot/os disk, and the other 3 slots for maximum R0 storage. They have 2 300G drives, and want to be able to add another 300 if they want to.

I know what you are thinking. Its a horrible design, and we have tried to talk them out of it. The server isnt production and they want what they want. Accenture can be like that ....

Thanks for the response, though.