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DL580 & Win2k RAM Limit

Daniel Anderson_1
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DL580 & Win2k RAM Limit

I'm having a problem with a DL580 and Win2k Adv. Svr, where it is only recognizing the 1st 4 GB of RAM. There is 8 GB installed and recognized by the servers (noted on boot up) but Windows 2000 only sees 4 GB. Has anyone see and dealth with this problem???

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Re: DL580 & Win2k RAM Limit


add /PAE switch to server's boot.ini file.

Check out this MS article for more information:;en-us;283037

If you need your server application (database, messaging) to access more than 2 GB, enable addressing extension (AWE) in this application. Whithout AWE, an application can allocate and address only 2 GB (or 3 GB if using /3GB boot.ini switch).

Hope this helps,