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DL580 & an HP A1897A rack

Alexsha Muck
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DL580 & an HP A1897A rack

I've got an HP A1897A rack that I'm trying to use to clean up some servers with. I'd like to get a DL580 in there, but I'm not sure what rails and such I'd need to buy. The posts on the 1897A don't look much like the posts on other racks I've seen. Rather then being a square 'U' shape, the posts are more of a dipper shape. Quite a few of the rails I've tried for other servers have not worked in it because of the odd shape. It has been suggested to me by a fellow who works for to use the pull-out shelves that they sell, but if I can get actual HP/Compaq rails that will work, I'd rather do that first.

Hints & suggestions?
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Re: DL580 & an HP A1897A rack

Rack Mount Kit 134699-001 for DL580

and for DL580 G2

Rack Hardware Mounting Kit:-Rack rails (2)
Mounting screws 313215-001
Cable Management Arm 295792-001
Third-party Rack, Hardware Mounting Kit 291895-001

Original spare part number of 286221-001 is obsolete and has been replaced with the above part number.

Hope this helps