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DL580 & w2k3 x64 Ent.

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DL580 & w2k3 x64 Ent.

Hi we have a DL580 8Gb ram, 2 processors loaded with w2k3 64bit, 2x 146gb raid 10. We have an application that has been ported from a 32 bit server to this one. the DL580 is running the 64 bit version of the app.

My problem.. the 64 bit server runs slower than the 32 bit when running the app. It takes 30 minutes to start up and shut down the app. It seems others have had similar experiences.. Any ideas/ thoughts welcomed.. Is there a specific way to configure a server for 64 bit ??

look forward to your responces
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Re: DL580 & w2k3 x64 Ent.


I am little bit confuse Ur question, what I have understand Ur question.....

>>> Ur system platform is 32bit or 64bit
>>> Ur application is 32bit or 64 bit

==> If Ur system is 32bit H/W platform & application is 64bit, then it is not recommended & also not possible run this application. Pls communicate with H/W & Application vendor.

==> If Ur system is 64bit H/W platform & application is 32bit then no problem.

Can U check Ur system showing 8GB memory or less?

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Re: DL580 & w2k3 x64 Ent.

Thx for the quick response. The situation; my DL580 G4 is running w2k3 x64 bit os, and a 64 bit app. When compared with the 32bit app on a 32 bit server, the 64 bit server is slower to start up/shutdown the app.

THe reason we went to 64bit was because we had to get away from the /3gb limit. This application loads every thing into memory, very little disk acttivity until its shut down, and its going to get bigger. we were expecting much faster performance than this. It currently uses about 3Gb of the 8gb of ram on the server.

Hope that makes it a little clearer. What I'm after really is if I've missed some trick or other when configuring the server (smartstart 64bit) or it could be that the application as 64 bit is the problem.