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DL580 attached to MSA1000 fabric Reboots

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DL580 attached to MSA1000 fabric Reboots

Has anyone seen DL580's with Win2000 reboot
when expanding the volume on MSA1000?
We have 2 MSA 1000 in a fabric(all reduandant) with 6 servers (2 Adv server 2000 and 4 Win2000 server )configured with SSP. 2 Adv servers only access MSA1000 -1 using SSP and other 4 Win 2000 servers access the other MSA1000 - 2
All the servers are with Smartstart 6.1 , secure path ver, Virtual Replicator ver 3.0 build 176, HBA driver ver 5-4.82a9.
When we expand a drive using ACU xe on MSA1000-1 , any one of the 2 adv server Blue screens and comes back up with ASR bugcheck
Blue Screen Trap (BugCheck, STOP: 0x0000000A (0x39B6F120, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0xDD4485B6)). This is random .It happend to the other adv server a while ago when we expanded the drive. the Bug check code was same 0x0000000A . It also happend on the server that has access to MSA1000-2.
Also we noticed that when the rebuild on the hardware level is complete any one of the server reboots with ASR.
All in common here is that When the rebuild is going on on completion occurs the servers get a Status change notifiacation from the server agents and that is the time when one of the server reboots. like this-> (Compaq External Array Logical Drive Status Change. Logical drive number 1 on array "MSA1000-1" has a new status of 12.
(Logical Drive status values: 1=other, 2=ok, 3=failed, 4=unconfigured, 5=recovering, 6=readyForRebuild, 7=rebuilding, 8=wrongDrive, 9=badConnect, 10=overheating, 11=shutdown, 12=expanding, 13=notAvailable, 14=queuedForExpansion)

So we disabled the Compaq agnets on the servers while the rebuild was going on assuming the Status change notification was triggering the reboots., When completed we dint see any reboots..

Any one seen this kind of a bug? we have had randomly ateast 5-6 reboots so far...

We logged a call earlier at Hp and at that time they instructed us to get all the servers/compaq versions up todate which was latest at that time and we did it. But it didn't help.
Can Someone help us out here.

Appreciate your responce !