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Re: DL580 with 2 UPS's of differing voltages

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DL580 with 2 UPS's of differing voltages

 I have a 2 Proliant DL580 G7's with 4 power supplies each along with an attached HP StorageWorks P2000 with dual power supplies on one of the servers.  These were connected to two HP R/T 3000 UPS's which are daisy-chained (not sure who set that up, but there is no other outlet for the 2nd UPS) and appear to have bad batteries. These UPS's output 210V.

I have an APC UPS (120V output) in the rack, and I could connect some equipment to it.

Is it safe to have power supplies connected to different voltage sources simultaneously?

The power supply specs <> indicate they can handle varying voltages, but not sure about using more than one voltage at same time.

Thank you for any assistance.


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Re: DL580 with 2 UPS's of differing voltages

I have not done it with Proliant servers but I have done it with HP UNIX servers, where I plugged in to 120 and 240 volts at the same time. I would expect to have seen all kinds of warning labels in all these years if there were such an issue.

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Re: DL580 with 2 UPS's of differing voltages

Are you saying you have a UPS connected to another UPS and since they have bad batteries, they're really just heavy PDUs?  Which specific model of R/T3000 are you running (AF453A or AF454A)?  I assume the AF454A since you're seeing 210V and the AF453A was only rated for 200/208V (output was actually 204V).

Rather than split power between different UPS', you might want to run one server off high voltage UPS' and another off low voltage UPS, if the power supplies will truly support that.  A better approach might be to install a PDU supported by seperate utility power and split the power supplies so that two are connected to PDU and two are connected to UPS for each server.