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DL580 with Oracle 9.2

Dave Pashby
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DL580 with Oracle 9.2

Server running Windows 2000 AS, fully microsoft patched. Also running Oracle Enterprise.

DL580 server, 2 * 2ghz CPU, 2GB memory,

Over a period of time the threadcount for the Oracle service increases. So my background level when nothing happening overnight is 20 more than the previous night. Eventually we reach 750 threads and Oracle stops responding.

BUT if I stop the HP management agents it the thread count becomes stable.
Other software on is Veritas backupExec 9, Sophos AV.

HP Agents are from smartstart 6.3 build to the server.

Anyone had the same. My only other thought is we have 5 SQLPlus jobs that run continuously on the server. If I knew they were causing the interference with the insight agents I could justify a batch machine to run them on.

Solution so far has been to run without the HP management agents, though that makes me very nervous.

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Re: DL580 with Oracle 9.2


are there any messages in the alertlog?


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