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DL580G1 cpu upgrade

marco viola
Occasional Visitor

DL580G1 cpu upgrade

Hello all,

I am unable to upgrade from 700/1 to 900/2.
I've found on ebay four, cheap, 900 kits,
pn 232388-001, which I tried to use to
upgrade a 580 we use as spare. The kits
were new and sealed.

I know that the kit for the 580 is pn
222627-B21, but, AFAIK, the difference
has to be on the heatsink rather than on
the cpu, so swapped the heatsinks and
installed the 900/2.

Two all green lights PSU, interlock LEDs
all off, IDD 00, untouched SW4 CPU switch,
steady amber light as in standby.

Power up, fan turning, no lights, no joy.

Being an old hand (I even know what a Digital/
Alpha server is, and what sort of esoteric :)
OS ran on those (before tru64 I mean)) used
to search before asking, I was able to find
only this answer, in this forum, from
Marek Nelek, on 2/10/2007, which read that
“ ... DL580 supported Pentium III Xeon
700MHz and 900 MHz CPUs (at least
theoretically, because there some problems
with 900 MHz CPUs, so I'm not sure if Compaq
actually released them to the market)...”.
And this seems strange to me, being the 900/2
an official option of the 580.

So, being sorry for the long post, It seems
I'm missing something absolutely obvious.
Do you know, by chance, what?

Thank you very much for you time

Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: DL580G1 cpu upgrade

Hi, 232388-001 is for ProLiant DL760 or ProLiant ML750, not DL580, so it will not work.

Spare for DL580 would be 188594-001.
James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: DL580G1 cpu upgrade

Hello Marco,
Vcespon is correct. However, update the BIOS FIRMWARE & just try clearing the NVRAM; see if it helps.

>And this seems strange to me, being the 900/2
an official option of the 580.

Why ? It works fine !!

marco viola
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL580G1 cpu upgrade

vcespon and happy dude, thank you for your

- vcespon
it seems I'm really missing something:
the kit is made of a cpu, a piped heatsink
and what seems to me a PPM.
Do you mean I cannot remove the cpu from
the kit, add the right green heatsink and
use it in a 580?
Am I so dumb?
Are there different 900/2 cpu?

- happy dude
as for the firmware and nvram, I'll give a
try, even if I used the latest 7.30(IIRC)

>Why ? It works fine !!
I'm pretty sure :)
what seemed strange to me was Marek Nelek
answer in that post

thank you again

marco viola
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL580G1 cpu upgrade

-Just for the records-

fw up to date, NVRAM cleared and
rebuilt from scratch:
nothing, rien, niente, zilch, nada