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DL580G5 POST message

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DL580G5 POST message

Dear all,

I apologise in advance if this has been discussed before, I have looked through the old postings and could not find any matches...

We are facing an issue on a Proliant DL580G5 with the following POST message:

PXE-E01: Unsupported PCI device!

Just to mention that we did not perform any hardware change on the server and after running insight diagnostics everything seems OK with no hardware problems.

We tried to reset system battery, set the system maintenance switch ... without any results.

The weird thing is that under windows, the 4 local area connections corresponding to the quad port embedded NIC can not be found.

Any help / suggestion please?


Thanks in advance

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Re: DL580G5 POST message

I seen a post where some one re-seated the ram and it solved the issue... weird.


Re: DL580G5 POST message



This message means that you have installed a unsupported pci card or the card that was actually working has failed.


Try the following:

Remove any PCI Devices that are installed and restart the server.

If the server works well without the error, then shutdown and install the cards one by one, start the server and you can see which card is causing the fault.

See if any BIOS update is available that would fix the issue.


Good Luck!

Thank You!
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Re: DL580G5 POST message

Many Thanks for your help