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DL580G5 SmartStart/PSP 7.90 bad NIC driver - Windows 2003

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DL580G5 SmartStart/PSP 7.90 bad NIC driver - Windows 2003

I have just purchased 2 DL580G5 servers, each with 4 Quad-Core X7350 CPUs and 64GB of PC2-5300 Memory. Each server also has 2 NC110T NICs in addition to the 2 on-board NC373i NICs. It took me forever to get Windows 2003 Enterprise R2 32-bit installed and I finally figured out why:

The driver package for the NC110T NICs that is included in SmartStart/PSP 7.90 kills the O/S. It is package number cp007660 that kills the system. If anybody is installing Windows 2003 on a system like this, you'll need to do the install from the Windows 2003 CD and apply the PSP after, but don't install the cp007660 package. Instead download the cp007942 package, which is the updated driver package for these NICs. That's what worked for me.
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: DL580G5 SmartStart/PSP 7.90 bad NIC driver - Windows 2003

This might be true as :

1)cp007660 was released on 3 Apr 07

2) PSP7.9 was released on 25 Jul 07
This contains the above mentioned version.

3) cp007942 was released on 31 Aug 07

However, the "ONLY" change or FIX or enhancement to later version released on 31 Aug was :
" This driver now supports the NC360m and NC364m mezzanine cards."

NO other changes. Hence, I dont see Why cp007660 will kill the resources on your server. Neither have I heard much about this kind of issue.

If found so, be assured, HP team MUST BE(i dont know though..guess) working on the next release of PSP ... 8.0 !?!