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DL580G5 crash

sim ht
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DL580G5 crash

We got system crash (purple screen) issue. The system is running with a fresh installed ESX 3.5 OS. A fault call was logged to HP with vmware dump files provided. Initial finding from HP from dump file analysis was that the crash was triggered by CPU.

System config: DL580G5, 4 x E7320, 32Gb RAM, 2 x 5706 DP NIC, 2 x FC1142 adapter

- Replaced all 4 processors and re-installed the OS. Same issue
- Replaced the physical box with new processors, still got the same issue.

We also have 2 more DL580G5 server with identifical config. No problem happens so far.

Recently system crash happens at least once per day. The server contains only 1 VM for testing purpose.

Would anyone has experience on how to narrow down the problem? Thanks a lot.