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DL580G7: NC375i Cards being weird

Vague Assumption
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DL580G7: NC375i Cards being weird

If you saw a network cable with a light on the switch end -- but no light on the server end, wouldn't you suspect you were looking at the wrong cable?


If you replaced the cable with a new cable and were able to clearly identify each end, would you not suspect, under those circumstances that you were out of your mind?


The NC375i that I'm talking about is one of four bundled onto the SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) board in a G7.  ONE and only ONE of the four ports, NIC#1, is connected and running at Gigabit speed.  That port works well, but I need the other three.


What is up?


I wonder if this could be the result of a unusual memory configuration on the main RAM.  I used 16 8GB DIMMs as main memory.  But the system came with 16GB, and I left them in . . . didn't want to waste them.  I wonder if I thin the system down to 128GB will it start working better.



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Re: DL580G7: NC375i Cards being weird



Please check/update the FW and the driver of the NIC. There is a memory slot on the SPI. Please check if it is populated and if yes, remove the module.





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