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DL585 G1, clearing NVRAM


DL585 G1, clearing NVRAM

I have a DL585 G1 running RH AS 4, update 2
The internal health LED is red but h/w is not logging any errors. I checked the LED's on the h/w and also ran hplog and hpasmcli.

The HP Response Center says to clear the NVRAM, if I do this what has to be reset when they are cleared. I've asked the HP RC for more details but have not heard back from them

Ike Leong
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Re: DL585 G1, clearing NVRAM

why post this in the HP-UX forum then?
moving to servers forum
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Re: DL585 G1, clearing NVRAM

Power the server down.
Locate System Switch 2 (SW2) on the system board.
Set Switch Position 2 (S2) to the ON position.

Note: This erases all system configuration settings from CMOS and NVRAM.

Power the server ON.
Power the server OFF.
Set S2 to the OFF position.
Power the server ON.
Press the F9 Key during POST to run the ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU) and reset all system configuration settings.

You dont have to reset any setings, the details regarding the processor, memory and other parts stored on the nvram will be cleared and when the server boots up, it will check for these parts and stores them.
May be you will have to reset the boot controller order, nothing else.

Joji Koshy Lalu
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Re: DL585 G1, clearing NVRAM

Please ensure that you pull the hard drives out or disconnect them from the backplane before you clear the NV RAM.