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DL585 G5 and 8400 Series

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DL585 G5 and 8400 Series

I know that the new G6 Server Supports the newer 8400 Series Opteron (six core). Is there any reason why the BIOS on the G5 cannot be updated to support the newer 8400 series Opterons? They both use Socket-F and I know there are motherboards out there that support 8400/8300/8200 series Opterons as the CPUs are pin compatible.
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Re: DL585 G5 and 8400 Series

The Istanbul cores (8400 series) introduce a number of changes: bigger caches, much higher bus speed, much much higher HyperTransport speed, etc. Although it may be possible, you'd basically be overclocking the chipset.

Most likely, you're seeing Instanbul (or at least Shanghai) based systems that can readily down-clock to 5300 and 1GHz safely.

For what it's worth, I've heard that there are some impending BIOS flashes for broader support, but I don't know if a Barcelona->Istanbul jump would be one of them.