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DL585 G7 HBA compatibility

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DL585 G7 HBA compatibility

I need to replace a DL380 G6 running ESXi 5.5 at a remote site with a newer server that is capable of running ESXi 6 update 3. The DL380 has a StorageWorks P2000 G3 connected by two QLogic ISP2432 4GB HBAs.  There may be a DL585 G7 available at another site and I am trying to determine if the QLogic HBAs in the DL380 can be moved into the DL585 so that the P2000 can be connected. I confirmed that the HBAs are supported in ESXi 6 but the P2000 is not listed as offcially supported. Does anyone know if the HBAs will work in the DL585? 

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Re: DL585 G7 HBA compatibility


I think it should work without any issues. Qlogic cards aren't very sensitive and they haven't got special requirements.

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Re: DL585 G7 HBA compatibility

OK. Thanks for the input