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DL585 G7 unknown component

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DL585 G7 unknown component

Hi all,


I've got a DL585 G7 down, with a tech on the way.  While I wait, I'm trying to determine what a particular component is.  It's labeled as CR1 on the system board itself, but neither the Server Maintenance Guide nor the User guide make any reference to it.  Ours is flashing 08...  or maybe 80, if I'm upside down!  I know I could call HP support back, but with a tech on the way I'd just be wasting their time.  Anyone know? 



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Re: DL585 G7 unknown component

I presume you mean the 2 digit LED display inside the server?

If so (and I've only just found this out too after working on these things for 12yrs!) they are called Port 85 codes.

You have to turn them on using maintenance switches and you can look up the codes in the Proliant Servers troubleshooting Guide which is available here...




Hope that helps.


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Re: DL585 G7 unknown component



Let me tell you about CR1 led on the system board.


Interlock (CR1)
ON - PCI Riser Board is not fully seated
OFF - PCI Riser Board is OK


If the CR1 LED is in an ON state, try re-seating the system I/O board.


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