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DL585 Rebuild

Rich E. Johnson
Occasional Visitor

DL585 Rebuild

Hello all,

I am planning on rebuilding the OS of a DL585 server with an MSA30 storage array attached.

The onboard drives on the embedded 5i controller contain the OS which is going to be formatted and rebuilt. The 6400 controller is where my MSA30 is attached. I was planning on powering down the MSA30 and disconnecting it from the array controller. Then start the rebuild on my server OS.

My question is this: Is there anything I need to do to backup the MSA30? Once I rebuild the OS and reconnect the MSA I should just be able to reimport them through Windows Disk Management?

Thanks in advance!
Rich E. Johnson
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL585 Rebuild

Just in case anyone runs into something similar.

I ended up just powering down the box, unplugging the MSA30, powering the box back up and completing the rebuild, then powering back up the MSA30 and re-import the disks through Windows Disk Management.

Worked like a champ!