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DL585 g1


DL585 g1

i have 2 x dl585, 1 has a SA5i the other an SA5i+, when i move the disks (with O/S) from the SA5i to the SA5i+ box, the disks are not being seen by the SA5i+ ???

Firstly is this supported ???
secondly, should i be able to see the disks on the SA5i+ box ????
Andrew Gladstone
Valued Contributor

Re: DL585 g1


I am not sure what you mean by stating that one server has the SA 5i+ and the other only has the 5i. The integrated controller is 5i+. The only thing I can think of that may be causing your issue is the SCSI cable set-up. This is a direct pull from the quickspecs regarding the 51+ configuration.

DL585 Cable Assembly, SCSI, Ultra3, LVDS
NOTE: All DL585 models ship standard with the integrated Smart Array 5i Plus Controller, which has been designed to deliver maximum performance and availability across the internal SCSI Duplex backplane.

The Ultra3 SCSI cable is required only if the customer chooses to bypass the Smart Array 5i Plus Controller and connect slot-based SCSI adapters or RAID controllers to the internal SCSI Duplex backplane.

Two cables are required to maintain the standard, duplexed configuration of the backplane.

One cable is required if the simplex configuration is chosen.

The backplane is easily configured to simplex mode by means of a simple switch duplex to simplex) located on the top of the backplane itself.