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DL585 g2: Wake on LAN using PCI NIC? No power to slot?


DL585 g2: Wake on LAN using PCI NIC? No power to slot?

Wake on lan works for the onboard ports but not for a PCI NIC - looks like the slot doesn't have power when the system is off. Does the DL585g2 support PME for any of its PCI slots?

I'm working on a project to determine if Wake on LAN will work for my company without having to retrofit network connections/etc. All of our servers are DL585 (g1/g2/g5), DL385 (g1/g2/g5) or DL365. Most of our servers use Intel pro 1000PT NICs for their network connections, as our high performance apps were dropping packets when using the on-board connections.

I'm starting my search for answers by looking at a DL585g2 test system. On several systems including this DL585g2 system, Wake on LAN does not work for the PCIe network card - although I've confirmed that the card (Intel pro 1000PT) fully supports Wake on LAN. It appears that when the server powers down, it cuts power to the PCIe slot so that regardless of what support the card itself has for WoL it will not work. As far as I can tell from researching this, the availability of power to the slot is based on an optional feature of PCI 2.2 to allow PME events. I cannot find documentation from HP about whether or not this is supported on proliant servers. Can anyone confirm?

I have confirmed that this does in fact work on a DL365g1 with an Intel pro 1000MT installed in the PCI-X slot - but again the support for this feature does not seem to be documented. This uses the same OS and network driver, so this does confirm that the OS and drivers support the functionality that I am testing.

I have the BIOS/firmware up to the HP Firmware CD v8.10 levels on my test systems.

Re: DL585 g2: Wake on LAN using PCI NIC? No power to slot?

WOL using PCI Intel NIC's is confirmed to work on: DL365 G1, DL385 G1.

It is confirmed NOT working on: DL585 G1, DL585 G2.

HP support engineers have found that the DL585 G1 does not implement Vaux 3.3V on pin A14 for the PCI slots - which is required for wake on LAN.