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DL585 g5 upgrade to latest firmware

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DL585 g5 upgrade to latest firmware

Hi there.

Have been experimenting with re-tasking an old dl585 g5.

Have put some known good drives and some straight out of packet drives into it and tested with linux and freebsd.

I got a few firmware warnings from boot (probably with the unused but old drives), from memory.


I tried the HP SUM 7.4.0 offline iso to start off but after it showed the hp screen it failed to load.

It complained about failing to mount the cdrom. and dumped me to a # prompt.

I ran dmesg and could not find any reference to the cdrom drive at all, even though it booted from it.


What is the best way to get the firmware to it's latest versions or most up to date (for all parts but specifically the drives and p410 controller) There is no warranty so I believe I can't download the latest SPP and I'm not sure it would boot anyway considering the previous error.

I have installed freebsd and slackware linux in turn to test driver compatability and hardware and it all seemed to work fine.

Thanks in advance.