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DL585 smart Array 5i replacement

Stuart Burton
Occasional Visitor

DL585 smart Array 5i replacement

Hi there,

The smart array 5i in my DL585 has develeoped an error

ACU reports the following:
ACU has encountered the following critical error while attempting to configure your controller:

The array accelerator on the current array controller is not functioning properly.

Parity errors occurred when trying to write data to the array accelerator's memory possibly due to a loose connection between the array accelerator and the current array controller. Array accelerator operations are permanently disabled.

For more information, run the Array Diagnostics Utility.

I have attached the ADU report,but in summary it reports:
SLOT 0 Smart Array 5i Controller ERROR REPORT:

Array accelerator status:
Permanently disabled
Warranty alert
Array accelerator parity write errors: 1

I have upgraded the firmware and reseated the battery cache, both of which have made no difference. We have tried to source a replacement battery cache as suggested in other threads, but been told by our vendor that the part has gone end of life and they are suggesting using a smart array 642 in it's place.

My question is can the current configuration on the disks be migrated onto the new controller and eliminate the need to re-create the logical disk or will I need to manually create the logical disk on the 642 and then restore from backup?
Terry Hutchings
Honored Contributor

Re: DL585 smart Array 5i replacement

Not sure what your vendor is talking about. The cache module for the 5i can be found on the HP website (pn 260741-001):

Having said that, if you put a 642 in the server it will detect the logical drive that is already configured. I don't see in your post whether you are running Windows or not. If so, you will likely need to run a repair, since the driver/registry keys already in the OS will not work for this controller.
The truth is out there, but I forgot the URL..