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DL585G2 Discrete Graphics options


DL585G2 Discrete Graphics options

Hi Folks,


I've just bought a DL585G2 as a development machine & I'm planning on upgrading it from dual cores to hex cores after perfroming the latest bios update that is common to G2/G5/G6 models.


From reading another post it appears after installing hex core cpu's the machine reports asa G6 isnted of a G2.  Now as the I/O backplanes are identical & the G6 has support for discrete GPU's does anyone know if this will enable the G2 to use a Discrete graphics card?


I'm not wanting to run a serious gaming or workstation card in it but i would like to add a low end multi display card to it if possible.


Has anyone got any experience of this?






Re: DL585G2 Discrete Graphics options

Actually I see a few posts down someone is having trouble with ATI cards but an nVidia GT640 is ok, thats something good to know that at least someone has some sucess.