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Re: DL585G5 - Server Power Removed / Restored

Michael Hoberg
Occasional Contributor

DL585G5 - Server Power Removed / Restored

Hello everybody,


we have a handful of DL585 G5 Servers with the above mentioned problem. The Servers are rebooting at random and after reboot you can see the following entry in ILO2 Log:

Server power removed.

Server Power restored.


IML is empty. Firmware of all Servers are at latest revisions (SPP2013.02) and we are running ESX 4.1. We also have the problem at 3 different Data Centers so it is no problem with USV or Power Distribution.


Has somebody here experienced similar problems and can guide is into the right direction? This problem is quite a mystery for us.


Thank you in advance :)

Oscar A. Perez
Honored Contributor

Re: DL585G5 - Server Power Removed / Restored

iLO is just detecting that the server went for a reboot.


Are you running the HP NMI Sourcing Driver and HP Management Agents for ESX?

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Mark Matthews
Respected Contributor

Re: DL585G5 - Server Power Removed / Restored

Do you have dual PSUs in the servers?

I'd maybe try to get hold of one replacement, run one server on it and see if it still happens.
You may have a batch of faulty PSUs???



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