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DL585G5 memory config

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DL585G5 memory config

Hi everyone

We have an issue (?) with 3 DL585s we recently purchased. We'd like to populate the servers with 64GB RAM (16x4GB).

When we populate 4x4GB per processor, the server either does not switch on, or just hangs during POST.

If we populate 8x4GB 1st processor and 8x4GB 2nd processor, and leave 3&4 unpopulated, the server boots and everything appears to work.

Are we doing the correct thing here to maximise performance, and if not, what should we be doing?

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Re: DL585G5 memory config

according with the memory rules

you must start populating memories "Slot furthest from processor" for each Proc

if you already has done that

what if you try clearn NVRAM and update System BIOS
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