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DL760 G2 that seems dead

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DL760 G2 that seems dead

Today I just touched the fans of my DL760 G2 to change them, after 2 years of work, and something weird happened. When I started to remove the first one the screen became blank for just few seconds (the system was in production). I tried a second time to touch the violet clip to remove the fan and at that time the screen goes blank and remains blank. After years of repairing and hotswapping on proliant servers I never seen anything like it.

I turned off the system, disconnected the power line, reconnected it and pressed the power button; at this point:

- When I press the power on button I just see some normal blinking on the power led and then the system start

When the system start:

- The fans starts at max speed and remains at that speed

- The LCD display from showing "COMPAQ LCD..." starts to show just nothing but the green backlight

- The system initial diagnostic seems to does not start and there are no warnings on both the external leds and internal one


I tried to:

- Clear NVRAM, removing button battery, removing and re-inserting all mainboards

- Change CPU type and slot, there are 4 Xeon MP at 2.0 ghz at this moment

- Change RAM, there are 8 gigabytes of system ram and 2 gigabytes of spare at this moment

- Completely disassemble the I/O board and there are really nothing strange at a first sight


The situation remains the same. I'm currently down with some services, I know the the DL760 G2 is a discontinued old machine but it's not really the best to going down just to replace a fan.


Do you have any hint? Any, really.


Thank you for anyone reading my problem.