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DL760G2 IRQ ??

Frequent Advisor

DL760G2 IRQ ??

Model : DL760G2
OS : Windows2000AS

OS installed => system state ok
But when incodering board(ospray)installed,
system Dump.
ospray engineer say, it's IRQ trouble and
ML570, DL360 is cannot installed.
1.Is share(tech equl) ML570,DL360,DL760 board?
2.could IRQ Manual setting for DL760?
(only ospray card is assign unique IRQ)
please answer...
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: DL760G2 IRQ ??

What Options you have from F9 for DL760 (F10 for others if G1) - can you disable some unused devices and assign some IRQ from onboard for share, see if you can get free one?

Is share (tech equl) not clear - some devices can share IRQ some are not, depending from resources?