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DL980 G7 Lower Processor Drawer


DL980 G7 Lower Processor Drawer

We had an issue on our DL980 G7 server and had to replace the lower processor drawer. We got two of those from HP and another vendor but when we replaced our drawer, our system wouldn't POST.


We've confirmed that the part numbers are the same, we've upgraded to the latest BIOS and firmware revisions, but not one of those parts would show POST on the screen and the system LED would flash amber rapidly.


I don't see any error on the IML also when we used those two new parts.


Is there anything special that we need to do in order for this to work?


Re: DL980 G7 Lower Processor Drawer



Does the server POST with only Upper Processor Tray, the problem appears only with Lower Processor Tray is inserted?


Make sure all the memory modules are seated properly and are known good.

All processors are of known good condition.

Make sure the Lower Tray is seated properly and inserted completely till it gets locked.

Make sure the XNC module at the rear is locked properly.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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Re: DL980 G7 Lower Processor Drawer

Hi, yes it does POST with only the upper tray  and everything is properly seated. I have seen those videos and it is exactly what I did.


I am not sure if the lower trays we received from HP and from a different vendor are bad because I do not have any means of testing them on a different unit.


Our DL980 G7 is not under warranty with HP anymore so we are doing this replacement on our own.


I did not see anything in the manuals and on the videos that is different from what we are doing. I thought maybe somebody has experienced this already and maybe there is another step that we might have missed.


The problem with the other bad tray is that two memory card slots are bad so we had to replace it. It works but it is giving out memory card errors and we have moved them around different slots in the same tray and it followed the slots, and not the memory cards.