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DL980 G7 OS shutdown after loss of half the PSU's (4 of the 8)

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DL980 G7 OS shutdown after loss of half the PSU's (4 of the 8)



We have had and issue on 4 DL980 fully equiped with 8 PSU connected to 2 different power sources (4 per power source).

An electrical operation was done to cut one of the sources,   making only 4 PSU still active on the servers but the systems were shut down ( hpasmlited triggered a reboot of the servers).

Servers are normally configured in a N+N power redundancy, that is supposed to keep systems up event if half the PSU's are down.

Some other people had had the same issue on DL580 with PSP 8.70 and seems to refer to a bug in PSP 8.70 that doesn't seem to be corrected in 8.73 (no information about that in the release notes)


to sum, it says that if power failures occur in a delay less than 30 seconds server gets rebooted, but if greater than 30s everything goes well (server remains up).


Any idea about that


Below the messages we get after 4 PSU's are unplugged:


Feb 11 11:35:51 XXXX hpasmlited[28989]: A System Reboot has been initiated by the management processor.