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DL980 G7 stuck on "Flashing Firmware Image, please wait ..."

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DL980 G7 stuck on "Flashing Firmware Image, please wait ..."



I have updated our big server DL980 G7 after fresh deployed Windows 2012 R2 OS and updated firmware using HPSUM in SPP v2012-09 ISO. After reboot, I cannot open Remote Console (POST Code:1040) and in iLO > Admintration > iLO  Firmware > it is show  "Flashing Firmware Image, please wait ..." and it really slow progress, the progress was about 10% per 1 day, and now It already passed 5 days for 43%.


when I check in Integrated Management Log, it show as ROM has been flashed.


Class, Description:

 System Revision , ROM flashed (New version: 07/29/2013)



What should I do now ? here some options I guess

1. Wait another 2-3 days

2. Force restart iLO (which could potential caused m/b fault)

3. Escalate HP Support for replace the mother board


Thank you all in advance.



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