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DLT 70 and ML350 NT4 Server

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DLT 70 and ML350 NT4 Server

The ML350 is fitted with SmartArray 5X RAID board as well as the internal SCSI connectors on the feature board. These show up as Adaptec adaptors in NT4.

The above set up is causing problems. The driver refuses to load in NT. I've downloaded the lastest? drivers from the HP website but still no interest.

The external DLT is plugged into an external connection which in turn is connected to the feature board. A SCSI CD ROM connected to the other channel of the board is working fine.

The DLT is recognised and annotated in ConPan Tape Devices as a Quantum DLT7000 and it says the device is loaded but the driver not started.

Any ideas would be appreciated. If this BS continues I'll put in a dedicated Adadptec contoller and see if that solves the issue.