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DLT Drive Cleaning

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

DLT Drive Cleaning

I have an internal DLT 35/70 tape drive (firmware: 2255) in my Proliant 3000R server. It is constantly sending prompts to Insight Manager (and the event log) that it needs to be cleaned. I have a cleaning tape, I have run it several times, but it does not seem to make any difference. The messages will start again after a day or so. Should I be worried about this? The drive seems to act just fine, but something has got to be causing it to always need the cleaning tape. When I go to the Device Info in Insight XE, it shows the cleaning tape does not need to be replaced but it also shows it has never been cleaned, although it has repeatedly.

I would like to know if I should have someone look at this or just continue to clean it every couple of days.

Thanks! Angie