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DOA DL360G4p???

Gordon Armstrong_1
Occasional Contributor

DOA DL360G4p???

Hello to all...

I've got a new DL360G4p (378805-001)just out of the box and upon trying to POST it for the first time i get the flashing drive lights, and the internal health LED flashing.

Looking inside the chassis, i see the PROC1 LED is flashing when the unit is powered up and solid when the unit is down but has power connected.

As it happens i have a second proc for this unit, so i tried seating it in place of the proc that shipped but still the same behaviour.

I've reseated everything else in the hopes that that would be the usual miraculous cure all but no go.

I'm going to phone into support in a bit, but i thought i'd throw this out there and see if anyone else has had this.


Gordon Armstrong_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: DOA DL360G4p???

oohh....what a day!

I got it...'cable interlock' LED was lit up as well.

There's the smaller multi coloured bunch of wires that attaches to the system board, and it wasn't quite right. I think that's got it now....yes.

You may now return to your regular scheduled program.

Valued Contributor

Re: DOA DL360G4p???


I have received 360's and 380's where the power supply connector has not been pushed in fully.

I've also received 360's where processors and system boards have failed.

I think the demand for these servers is so great HP are producing them too quickly.