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DOS Driver for Smart Array 5i

Justin Lee
Occasional Visitor

DOS Driver for Smart Array 5i

We use Ghost v7.5 for server images however since the release of the G3 our current smart array driver now fails to load with the error message "EISA configuration nonvolatile memory is invalid".

Does anyone have a work around to ghost a RAID array under the 5i controller?
Victor Pendlebury
Valued Contributor

Re: DOS Driver for Smart Array 5i


Don't think there is a DOS driver for SA5i

I think you just use the Bios Int 13 to have you logical drive recognized as a bootable drive

So as long as your SA5i is #1 in boot controller order, it should rock

Justin Lee
Occasional Visitor

Re: DOS Driver for Smart Array 5i

I am using a Boot CD created for imaging our servers. No need for the machine to boot from any logical drive on the system.

The 5i is the #1 boot controller but that doesn't help when booting into DOS from a CD to make an image of a machine. Ghost is unable to see the raid set, because their are no drivers for the controller.

My problem is I need a DOS driver for the 5i. HP should have something; we can't rely on windows for everything.

Maybe we will just have to buy more Dell's the PERC 4x work fine, 3x, and the 2x. Also any Proliant not using the 5i controller I've tested worked fine.