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DSL modem setup to DL380G5

sammy mah_1

DSL modem setup to DL380G5

We are installing the first DL380G5 with Server 2008 at our company, and not sure how to set this up.
We are currently in a XPP peer to peer network, with a DSL modem and Dlink router.

Should we have the modem/router to NIC1 of the DL380 and then a switch into NIC2 of DL380?
We want the DL380 to be DHCP. It would be nice to keep the router to act as a firewall.

How do I setup the modem gateway on the DL380 with WS2008? What else should be configured in Server2008?
Jimmy Vance

Re: DSL modem setup to DL380G5

Unless your going to route all the traffic through the windows server, just plug NIC1 into your current network. If you setup the server to do provide DHCP, you'll need to turn the DHCP funtion off in your Dlink router
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