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DVD-Rom on servers

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DVD-Rom on servers

According to Compaq/HP rep, there are no add ons or built-in DVD-Roms for servers.

With a growing demand for DVD-writers, it'd be a perfect idea to put a dvd-rom on servers. I can't stand having to build a server or set a package up where it may involve half a dozen CDs with images or software packages to build a new server, and how long it takes. Once I got a dvd burner it was a amazing how all my application server software fit on a dvd. Of course who ever I sent it to would have to load it on a workstation with a dvd-rom and xfer it to the server.

Terry Hutchings
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Re: DVD-Rom on servers

Actually what you wer told is not true. I would recommend going to these two URLs. The first is the quickspecs for the DL380 G3 and the second is for the ML570 G2 (search on the webpages for "DVD"). These are just examples. I believe all the current servers now have an option for DVD rom drives.
The truth is out there, but I forgot the URL..