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Deleting ilo advanced license from DL360e G8

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Deleting ilo advanced license from DL360e G8

I'm trying to delete a license from this device.  I ssh'd to the ilo port and ran:


delete /map1 license

 but I get invalid target message.  I can see the license.  I just need to figure out how to delete it.  Anyone have any suggestions?


Re: Deleting ilo advanced license from DL360e G8



One of the customer was getting this error when they executed the command:

delete /map1 license


We suggested to them to Reset iLO to delete the License.  But we were not sure why customer was getting the error during CLI.


  1. During Power On SelfTest (POST), once the iLO4, press F8 to configure message is displayed, press F8.

  2. Record all customized iLO configuration (ILO name, IP, MASK, Gateway, …) before resetting iLO to default configuration.

  3. Select the Set Defaults option and press F10 to save the changes.

  4. Reconfigure the previously recorded customized options from the values noted in previous step #2.

  5. Enter the new iLO License using the GUI interface or the iLO CLI set command.



    Thank You!
    I am a HP employee.