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Deleting the EISA config partition

Don Maker
Occasional Visitor

Deleting the EISA config partition

Once the server setup is complete, is this FAT partition still used? Does it hold the ACU configuration perhaps? The issue is that a colleague asked me if he could just remove this from a Win2K server so that he can create a dynamic disk--apparently this FAT parition prevents that. Then he wants to create a volume set on the disk.
So my question is, is it safe to remove this partition once the server is up and running, or does this parition still get used by the ACU or something?


Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Deleting the EISA config partition

A SmartArray controller (if that is what you mean by ACU - the Array Configuration Utility is just the management interface) does store its configuration information on the disk(s), but this area is not visible to the server.