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Deskpro identification

Raymond Telford
Occasional Visitor

Deskpro identification

I'm trying to help a friend with his computer. It is a Compaq exm p733/10/8/64cn (DeskPro)

He is giving it to a relative and he decided he wanted to erase all the information on the hard drive. (No Problem I said) After formatting and reinstalling Windows 98 SE all was fine except the sytem wouldn't recoginize his modem, sound card and ethernet card. After trying to navigate through all the crap on the website and not being a Compaq person I tried to download the flash drivers, loaded one for the sound blaster and BAM now the stupid computer won't boot. Just sits there looking at me with black screen and never goes to the actual post to boot off the hard drive. I seem to remember that you can short out the cmos if it is corrupted and start again. But not knowing exactly wihich model this is or being able to navigate in the Compaq website to find the answers, I"M LOST... HELP!!!
Ian Matthews_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Deskpro identification

There may be a button to press on system board to reset cmos - alternatively pull the cmos battery