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Desperately need mounting/slide rails for DL380 or 1850R

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Desperately need mounting/slide rails for DL380 or 1850R

We recently purchased a stack of rack-mount style DL380s and 1850Rs from a failed .com. Forty of them. Sadly, all them are missing the original Compaq slide-mount rail sets (the servers sat on shelves, so all the rails were thrown out.) We need these specific rail sets because they allow one server to be mounted immediately above or below another, with absolutely no wasted rack space in-between. I have worked with several official Compaq resellers and thus far, non of them have been able to extract a part # and/or cost out of Compaq. We continue to get passed around inside Compaq from dept to dept, and always end up at a dead end. Any ideas? I desperately need to acquire some 40 of these mounting rail sets. If anyone has some they aren't using, I'll happily buy them from you. Or, if someone can help me get them from Compaq, that would be fine too. Thanks in advance.

John Kirkpatrick
Director of Online System Operations
WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Desperately need mounting/slide rails for DL380 or 1850R

The rail kits for these models is spare part number 327310-001. Assembly number of 163737-001. You can call 800-225-5385 or follow this link for the nearest Authroised Compaq Service Center and order the parts from them.
These part numbers are fine as there is no option part number available.
I hope this helps.
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