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Determine physical cpu's from cores

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Determine physical cpu's from cores

Is there some way to determine the physical number of processors from the number of cpu cores?

Google led me to this exact answer but it appears that it can only be done on MS Vista:

Of course, I'm interested in doing this on MS 2000 and 2003 servers and wanted to know if there was something in SIM or otherwise.

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Re: Determine physical cpu's from cores

maybe you need this

Intel® Processor Identification Utility

see this thread

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
David Claypool
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Re: Determine physical cpu's from cores

The HP SIM 'CPU/Slot Number' field will properly identify cores as in the following

0, Socket 1, Core 0
0, Socket 1, Core 1
0, Socket 1, Core 2
0, Socket 1, Core 3
0, Socket 2, Core 0
0, Socket 2, Core 1
0, Socket 2, Core 2
0, Socket 2, Core 3

...with the leading 0 representing the slot number of the CPU card for those systems where it is applicable.

Re: Determine physical cpu's from cores

Thanks Claypool, I made that work.

Karlo, the Intel tool was nice but I was looking for something that I could run against remote systems. And installing that msi file is not preferrable on all of our servers.

For those that might run across this thread looking for the same thing, the process is to select those systems that you want in SIM. Then run a report and select 'General' and 'CPU'. This provides the output that Claypool referecnes above.