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Dialogic D/300JCT-E1 x DL380 g5

Alexandre Mazurque
Occasional Visitor

Dialogic D/300JCT-E1 x DL380 g5


I´m facing a real challenge to install a Dialogic D/300JCT board into a DL380 G5 server. The board appears on Windows 2003 to be working fine but the application and even the Intel Configuration Manager does not detect the board. I tried to manually install but I got the same.

Does someone knows if there is any compatibility issue regarding Dialogic d/300JCT-e1 and DL380 G5 or a way to solve the problem ?

Any help will be appreciate.

Thanks !!!


Jimmy Vance

Re: Dialogic D/300JCT-E1 x DL380 g5

I've seen Dialogic boards in other ProLiant servers and don't know of any specific issues with the DL380 G5.

One thing you might try is change the setting in RBSU under "Advanced Settings", set the "Option ROM Loading Sequence" to "Load Option Card Devices First".

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Alexandre Mazurque
Occasional Visitor

Re: Dialogic D/300JCT-E1 x DL380 g5


thanks. I will check and report as soon as possible.